Today white pizza! A super classic of Italian cuisine that you can eat at any time of the day, alone or accompanied with raw ham or any other type of sliced!

I have the habit of baking it at least once a week, and since I used mother yeast (click here for the recipe) I noticed with great amazement the high digestibility that pizza takes on when we use the classic yeast beer!



  • 500 g flour “0”,
  • 250 g of lukewarm water,
  • A pinch of salt up,
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil,
  • 150 g of mother yeast (or a pan of 25 g of yeast),
  • Big salt,
  • A sprig of rosemary.

PROCEDURE: Put the mother yeast and the lukewarm water (or bean yeast and lukewarm water) in the mixer, add the flour and all the other ingredients. Mix well until it is smooth and homogeneous.

Take the panet, let it rest for at least 4 hours covered by a canvas in a place away from the blurs, the ideal would be in the oven off. After the time has elapsed, take the loose bread roll and place it with the aid of a rolling pin, put the pizza in a rectangular baking tray and with the help of the hands, lay the dough in it.

Brush the surface with olive oil, add a little salt and rosemary. Let it rise again for about half an hour and in the meantime heat the oven at maximum temperature, however not below 250 °.

Bake and cook for about 20/25 minutes or anyway until the surface becomes golden and … Good pizza at all!

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