Among the recipes that I love to experiment, there are them, the leavened! And my MINI BRIOCHE are really nibbles of softness!

I thought of my soft husbandzzi, who like children so much, and I wanted to give a more “catchy” shape, a shape that somehow invited us to taste!

I had long ago a silicone mold, of those that are usually used for the panna cotta or for the single-portion puddings, I left the balls to rise inside them and in cooking they took this beautiful shape!

As a child my favorite snack was a husband with Nutella! Needless to say, but I think it is undoubtedly among the favorite snacks of adults and children!

These MINI BRIOCHE are without filling, instead of using the classic icing sugar to be sprinkled on the surface I decorated with a very simple icing and a ball of currant that with its slightly sour taste is the perfect contrast to the sweetness of MINI BRIOCHE!

As soon as I have churned out the little one of the house makes me “but mum … but they are beautiful! They look like many flowery balloons!” .

Here, call them MINI BRIOCHE, maritozzi, snack, pan brioche or why not “florentine balloons”, you can call them as you prefer, but I’m sure you will make the joy of your little ones!



INGREDIENTS for about 15 mini brioche:

  • 250 g of flour with w 350,
  • 100 g of powdered sugar,
  • 75 ml of milk,
  • 50 g of soft butter,
  • 50 g of granulated sugar,
  • 8 g of brewer’s yeast,
  • the grated rind of a biological lemon,
  • 1 egg,
  • a pinch of salt,
  • a bunch of currant,
  • butter for the molds.


Dissolve the brewer’s yeast in warm milk, add 50 g of flour and mix well until it forms a lump-free batter (polish). Keep aside and let it sit for about 40 minutes.

After the time, mix the remaining 200 g of flour in a bowl with the batter (polish), add the sugar and knead. After a few minutes add a pinch of salt, the egg and the grated rind of the lemon.

Finally add the soft butter into small pieces a little at a time and letting it absorb completely. Knead until mixture is smooth and elastic.

Leave the dough so formed in a bowl covered with a food film or with a cloth and let rise until doubling its volume (about 3 hours).

Take back the leavened dough, form many balls of about 25/30 g of weight each and place them in the previously greased silicone mold (I used two molds with 8 disposable forms inside, thus obtaining 16 mini brioche).

Let rise for another hour, covering the silicone mold with a damp cloth.

Turn on the oven at 180 ° C and bake for about 15 minutes, then lower the temperature to 160 ° C and continue for another 10/15 minutes.

Remove from the oven, let it cool on a wire rack and in the meantime prepare the frosting.

Sift the icing sugar, add a tablespoon of water and stir until you get a glaze of the right consistency (must form the classic “ribbon” by raising the spoon).

Decorate then the MINI BRIOCHE with the glaze thus obtained and with a ball of currant! Let it dry for half an hour and serve!



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