Summer is ending? Apparently this hot heat we will have for a long time! Then we prepare ICICLES WITH PEACH AND GINGER !

The summer of 2017 will perhaps be remembered as one of the hottest in recent years, are days or months that at least here in my city you do not see a drop of rain!

For me a real “suffering”, the hot heat of these days is literally putting me to KO!

Getting home in the daylight becomes almost a heroic event! Go to the sea? It’s not for me! Rather I stay in the mountains in the cool of some pine woods with a nice book to read, my mp3 and look forward hoping that autumn will arrive soon …

But in the meantime, how do you resist ?! Ok, I reveal my “tricks”:

Open house in the coolest hours, and seal well windows and rollers of day: practically I live wall!
Drink so much, indeed a lot … better if you energize the tea and at least once a day magnesium and potassium supplements,
Do not turn on the oven …. I repeat …. do not turn on the oven! Not even if your son starts crying desperately who dies from wanting to taste his favorite cake!
Eat little and often, especially salty things: for example potato chips and salads! True, they do not do well to our diet, but they help a lot to raise the pressure and fight the heat!
And as a last tip: do nothing! So try to limit your “actions” to the indispensable minimum, waiting anxiously that temperatures return to earthly levels, and not infernal as now!
And while you wait, you can always try my new recipe of  ICICLES WITH PEACH AND GINGER ! Fresh, full of fruit and refreshing drinks: absolutely perfect to fight the heat!



  • 400 g of yellow peach flesh,
  • 100 g of sugar,
  • The juice of half a lemon,
  • 2 g of powdered ginger.
  • You will also need plastic cups and teaspoons.



Boil 180 g of water with sugar and lemon juice for about 3 minutes. Let it cool and keep aside. Grate the peach pulp well, combine the ginger and mix well.

Combine the syrup and mix it all together. Pour the mixture into 6 plastic cups and fill it for 3/4, put one teaspoon in the center and freeze for at least 4 hours, best if you leave them a full day!

After the time has passed, cut the glasses gently by extracting the icicles inside and serve them immediately!

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