Fortunately, even at school, they try to teach the healthy and just food to our children! So after the second request of my son, the DOUBLE CHOCOLATE FROGLERS are born!

This year my eldest started the first one, he went back to school and said to me, “Mom, the professor does not want us to bring packed snacks to school but only healthy home-made things or seasonal fruit!”

“No problem,” I tell him, at our home, our waffles or tarts are never missing! But with this “excuse” I thought about getting me to the stove and preparing something even more greedy!

I thought of the Pavesi Droplets, of which my kids are crazy, and I tried to make a similar but much more genuine cuddle!

My DOUBLE CHOCOLATE FROGLERS do not include sugar, they have bitter cocoa and many delicious drops of dark chocolate, and I added cardamom which gives a pleasant spicy note! If you think the “sugarless” version is not sweet enough for your taste you can add 150 to 200 g of semolina sugar as you like.

I love to shoot in hot milk, but also with good coffee are not bad at all! They are also perfect for snacking your little ones, keeping them sealed in tin cans and keeping their fragrance for days and days.



  • 400 g of common wheat flour “2” (I use the milled ground flour of Antico Molino Santa Chiara),
  • 50 g of bitter cocoa,
  • 8 g of instant yeast for sweets,
  • 125 g of butter,
  • 4 eggs,
  • 100 g of dark chocolate drops,
  • 10 g of cardamom powder,
  • (150 g of semolina sugar to your liking).



Quickly mix the cold butter with flour, bitter cocoa, yeast and if you want sugar.

Combine chocolate drops, cardamom powder and egg at a time, mix the mixture well to make it homogeneous.

Form a lot of balls with your hands and crush them on the grating that is used to dough the dumplings to create strips on their surface.

Place the biscuits on a plate covered with oven paper. Bake oven at 180 ° C for about 30 minutes.

Loosen and cool on a grating.


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